Buying my first Jaguar
I was interested in Jaguars years before I bought my car. So I knew one day I will own a Jaguar. I'm a "if I own just one car it has to be a four door sedan" type of person so it was no question that my first Jaguar has to have four doors. But interestingly all three cars I had owned before my Jaguar XJ6 had two doors. The first two were coupes, the third one was a convertible. But to my defense I have to tell you I bought those cars because my budget was limited. As time passed I had more and more saved money and the day of buying my first Jaguar got closer and closer. I had my eyes on two Jaguar four door sedans, the series III XJ6s and a late model (either a '93-'94 MY) XJ40. Although I admit that the series III XJ sedans are the most beautiful four door cars Jaguar ever made (at least to me), at the end I chose the XJ40s for numerous reasons. First reason is performance. My car's 4 liter inline six cylinder AJ6 engine produces 223 HP and a four speed ZF transmission (ZF4HP24) mated to it These cars are not lighter than the series III XJs but because of the four speed transmission (and of course other parts also play key roll) they have better fuel economy. This is another considerable factor if you buy a used or new car. The second reason is the XJ40s have less complicated body structure that uses less panel pressings and the late models are (thanks to Ford's money) more reliable and rust a lot less. And there are other things like the more conventional outboard rear brake discs that make servicing them a lot easier.
So when I decided to buy an XJ40 I started to think about a color combo. The paint had to be either BRG (British Racing Green) or Regency red. The interior to me was acceptable only in tan or magnolia (like in the Daimler or Vanden Plas in the US). Luckily Jaguar made a lot of cars in tan leather interior so it wasn't a problem to find this color.
I started to search ebay, the local Craigslist ads and Autotrader. I went to take a look at several cars. One localy but the other cars were out of town. I remember  one time I drove 4 hours to check out a BRG 1994 MY car. I checked 5 cars (all five were BRG and Regency Red with tan interior but one of them had magnolia leather because it was a Vanden Plas) but I wasn't confident enough to buy any of these cars. And you now what they say? If you're not sure about something, don't do it. Then one day in March, 2007 I found a 1994 MY Regency Red/Tan car on Autotrader. The car was offered by a used car dealer in Ft Myers, Fl. There were no uploaded pictures of the car and just a minimal description like the model year, milage and color. So I got into my (convertible) car that I had then and drove to the dealer. After the inspection and test drive I decided to buy it. We agreed on the price and did the paper work. I came home and asked my friend if he could drive me back to the dealer next day so I can pick up the car. He gladly did. On that day I became a Jaguar owner.
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